• Cheese plate

    • 2780Ft

    Five different cheeses, walnuts, olives, and dried apricots

    Possible allergens: milk, milk protein, lactose, potassium sorbate

  • Hungarian plate

    • 2780Ft

    Award winning home made salami and sausage, home cured ham, bacon, cracklings, peppers, tomatoes, red onions and bread

    Possible allergens: spices, black pepper, ground red pepper, caraway.

  • Plate of cracklings

    • 1 620Ft

    Goose or pork cracklings prepared in a simple way, with red onions and bread

  • Eggplant pâté

    • 920Ft

    Gold colored toast, with Greek eggplant pâté, no complications

    Possible allergens: milk, sesame seeds.

  • Bread with home made lard, the tasty way

    • 740Ft

    Bread with goose-fat like we eat it at home, with red pepper sprinkled on top and sliced red onions on the side

  • American-style Hot Dog

    • 650Ft

    Vienna sausage in a hot dog bun, covered with crunchy onion and pickled slices,
    colored with ketchup, mayonnaise or mustard - as U like it

  • Hot sandwich -2 pieces (as our Guests wish)

    • 650Ft

    Made of toast bread and every type has a slice of cheese. The rest of it is as our
    Guests wish.