The „Fekete Arany Klub” (= FAK, aka „Black Gold Club”) is a place where any of us can have a good time. We await our Guests with happiness, friendship and lots of love as a pub, a teahouse, a coffee, a mini cultural center, a meeting point with free WIFI and phone charging. Come and be our guest; you can chat, learn, have meetings, celebrate, hangout in the pub at a pleasant environment with selected drinks.
Besides soft drinks we also offer homemade lemonades and a variety of tasty coffee, Sicilian hot chocolate and the high quality tea of Gárdonyi Teahouse. Beer enthusiasts can ask for a taster to try our personally selected draft craft beers, but we haven’t forgotten about wine lovers and their favorites either. We have also special offers for cocktail fans as well, and a palinka selection of Szicsek Hungarian Distillery, 16 different whiskeys, and other alcoholic drinks.
If you’re hungry we can offer you our miner-sized plates: award winning Hungarian plate from Békés county, cheese-plate with 5 types of cheese, greek aubergine paté with toast, and so on. We are stretching our offers so you can eat crispy Vienna sausage and hot dog also, and a choice of hot toast in several tastes.

FAK has taken its name from the profession of the founders: the petroleum exploration and production, because the petroleum itself is the Black Gold.
The FAK aims to bring the public closer to the oil industry and introduce the oilmen’s everyday life to the outsiders. All of these targets are supported by different professional companies and the Museum of the Hungarian Oil and Gas Industry (MOGIM) which is currently unique in the area. In order to achieve this goal there will be a permanent oil industrial exhibition in the Club, but we’d like to contribute to the cultural district established at Bartók Béla Street with other cultural programs outside of our profession as well.
Some of the hosted events: reading evenings, professional and non-professional presentations, travelogues and wine or palinka tasting in cooperation with famous wine houses and distillers, but we also plan to organize exhibitions of contemporary photographers, graphic drawers and painters with the interactive participation of the artists. Thanks to our music lover friends, we are going to hold unplugged mini-concerts too.
Our mission is to blend our original profession